We have finished indexing the 1901 Federal Census for British Columbia!

What we did:-

The project was divided into jobs which are put in packets (containing the forms required for extraction and a cover sheet indicating the section to be done). The jobs were various sizes. The size is determined by the amount of pages in the polling station. The vary from 1 page to 39. We are seeing that it takes roughly one hour of time for each census page (a page has 50 lines). The proofing should take about half of that time. There are 32,653 census pages.

The 1901 census is on 5 reels of film.

The Database will be added to our Website ( it will be limited to searching "surname", "Given Name", "Birth Name", "Occupation", and "Religion" The complete searchable Database will be available at our Resource Centre in Surrey. CDROM's may be available in the future.

The BCGS would like to thank the following Individuals, Societies and Groups who volunteered their time and knowledge. Without their help the BCGS would not have finished the Federal 1901 Census for BC.

Special thanks to Iline Gronlund (1901 Co-ordinator) and Peter Claydon (he designed our 1901 Microsoft Access Database ).

VOLUNTEERS, Individual

Isabel Adams

Robert Goddard

Patty Nocente

Betty Allen

Ann Graham

Debra Parminter

George Anderson

Dorothy Graham

Jean Pearce

Kathleen Bain

Doug Graham

Barbara Perowne

Joyce Bak

Lisa Gratta

Kathy Peters

Olive Balabanov

Iline Gronlund (co-ordinator)

Harley Phillips

Klara Beck

Jaunita Hadwin

Pearl Phillips

Mary Anne Bethune

Shirley Hammer

Jo Pleshakov

Leona Bolivar

Dolly Hannay

Marilyn Ponting

Alaine Bostow

Cliff Hebbel

Pat Portsmouth

Victor Bostow

Lorraine Honatzis

Barry Price

Barry Botsford

Maureen Hyde

Penny Rea

Lisa Brazoni

Lorraine Irving

Lois Richardson

Rita Brown

Donalda James

Bev Robinson

Michelle Burton

Jackie Jajic

Eunice Robinson

Shirli Caldwell

Eldrie Jackson

Mary Robinson

Roberta Case

Darlene Jones

Diana Russell

Marie Casey

Suiri Kanniainen

Don Russell

Mary Cass

Amanda King

Jenny Russell

Christine Cheveldove

Linda Kingston

Anne Ryder

Candy-Lea Chickite

Leo Klosterman

Debbie Sadler

Elizabeth Christie

Ted Lanning

Marilyn Scheck

Annie Christman

Denise Lanning

Pam Shields

Peter Claydon (Database Editor)

Belinda Larson

Shirley Mae Shindler

Lorie Clifford

Brand Larson

Gail Smart

Dolores Codville

Doreen Leggett

Linda Sokalofsky

Dixie Cutler

Sam Leggett

Marlene Stapleford

Louise Cumming

David Leverton

Barbara Stanyer

Milt Cumming

Hugh Lindsey

Teddy Stokes

Bob Dahling

Kenn Livingstone

Gar Stuart

Jean Davies

Margaret Lockie

Shelly Teggart

Janice Davis

Sandy Long

Anne Tasker

Eleanor Dempster

Alice Marwood

Paddy Thompson

Wynn Dennett

Judy MacLeod

Marnie Thomsom

Terry Dobroslavic

Gail Mcdonell

Louise Thorpe

Linda Drake

Sheila McGivern

Dave Todwell

Gwen Dumfries

Chris McGregor

Judith Ueland

Doug Eastman

Malcolm Meek

Jan Vester

Marian Elder

Jean Milne

Audrey Viken

Louise Everest

Marvin Millis

Janice Warde

Don Ewart

Pam Mindek

Al Watson

John Fowle

Ken Moore

Janet White

Eleanor Gardner

Ross Morris

Billie Williamson

Robert Genaille

Gwen Morse

Gail Wilson

Glen Gibbard

Darlene Mulder

Mary Worth

Donna Gildroy

Richard Murray

Carol Wright

Carolyn Gill

Janice Nickerson

Mitsuo Yesaki


Helen Niskala


VOLUNTEERS, Societies or Groups

The Campbell River Genealogical Club:-

Delta Diggers Genealogy Group contact:- Iline Gronlund

The Revelstoke Genealogical Society:- P.O. Box 2613, Revelstoke, B.C. V0E 2S0

The South Okanagan Genealogical Society:-




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